How Can You Find a List of Chronic Pain Management Centers?


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To find a list of chronic pain management clinics in your area, ask your physician for suggestions, consult with a local hospital or medical school, or check with a patient advocacy organization, recommends WebMD. It is crucial to do research before deciding on a clinic or center, because there are many types of chronic pain treatments and not all clinics offer all of them.

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Your doctor knows the specific chronic pain that ails you and should be able to recommend options for pain management centers in your area, according to WebMD. If your physician cannot help, check with your local hospital, which may be affiliated with a number of these centers. Specifically, ask to speak to someone in the department of anesthesiology, who may better informed on such issues. Medical schools are affiliated with private or state universities, which could be an excellent resource for a list of clinics that can help you. National organizations such as the American Society of Anesthesiologists also likely maintain relationships with a host of pain management centers.

Once you narrow down a list of potential centers, schedule an appointment for a visit before making your final decision, suggests WebMD. To decide on treatment and measure progress, examine each place you visit for important factors such as staff attitude toward patients, how closely treatment plans are based on individual needs, and how the clinic teams up with the patient and family.

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