Where Can You Get a List of Cancer-Fighting Foods?


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Websites such as WebMD and Health.com offer lists of cancer-fighting foods with accompanying descriptions. WebMD includes brief explanations of how each type of food battles cancer. Health.com features advice on the proper way to consume each food, as well as a brief description.

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WebMD provides a list of cancer-fighting foods with a brief description of the food's cancer-fighting abilities, as seen on its official website. The list includes folate-rich foods, vitamin D, tea, cruciferous vegetables, curcumin and ginger. To accompany the description of the food's cancer-fighting abilities, WebMD also shows a summary of how each food works to battle cancer. The list features advice from medical professions on how to acquire and consume each type of food on the list.

The list of cancer-fighting foods on Health.com features a brief description of each food, a picture, the type of cancer it is most effective against, and advice on how to consume the food, as seen on the website. Health.com's list includes broccoli, berries, tomatoes, walnuts, garlic and beans.

The list on Health.com contains more detailed examples than WebMD. For example, instead of listing cruciferous vegetables, Health.com lists broccoli as a specific type of cruciferous vegetable with a description of why it is the most effective vegetable in the category.

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