Where Can You Find a List of Antioxidant Foods?


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A list of antioxidant foods can be found on various health websites, including WebMD, Mercola and Cleveland Clinic. WebMD has a list of 20 common foods that are ranked according to their antioxidant levels per serving.

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Each of these websites offer their consumers additional information about how different antioxidants are absorbed in the body. The Cleveland Clinic website lists foods according to what type of antioxidants they contain and gives suggestions for the number of servings that individuals should eat.

The Mercola website gives consumers more in-depth information about the different types of antioxidants, their function in the foods that contain them, how they work in the body and how people can benefit from eating foods containing antioxidants in general. This website also devotes a lengthy discussion to a list of antioxidant-containing foods, while giving suggestions on how the foods should be cooked and eaten.

The WebMD website has a straightforward list that includes the recommended serving size for each food listed. The website also mentions the most antioxidant-rich food in each category, such as pecans for the nuts category and beans in the vegetables category. Each of the lists in these websites contains similar food recommendations that are evaluated by doctors, so that consumers can make wise decisions about increasing their antioxidant intake.

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