How Can You Learn to Read a Facial Expression Chart?


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People who do not know how to recognize human facial expressions can typically be taught how to recognize common emotional expressions with the use of a chart designed for this purpose; there may be different approaches to this type of education, but one approach starts by teaching the student to recognize a limited number of common expressions before discussing what emotions those expressions signify, notes the Autism Asperger's Digest. For example, a teacher using this method can start with four basic emotions, happiness, sadness, anger and fear, and teach the student to recognize the expressions that signify these emotions while associating the expression with the name of the emotion.

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After the student is successfully able to tell the difference between these different basic emotions by name, the student can then move on to the next educational phase, which focuses on an understanding of what the emotions mean. For example, a student must first be able to look at a smiling person, associate that with happiness and differentiate it from an image of a crying person. Then, the teacher can discuss what happiness means in order to build an emotional understanding of what people are feeling when they smile. After the basic emotions are mastered, this process can be repeated with more subtle emotions such as annoyance or jealousy.

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