How Can You Learn More About Pancreatic Cancer?


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The American Cancer Society provides information on its website, Cancer.org. People can find a variety of topics pertaining to pancreatic cancer, including the signs and symptoms of the disease.

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How Can You Learn More About Pancreatic Cancer?
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The National Cancer Institute also includes information about pancreatic cancer on its website, Cancer.gov. In addition, the National Cancer Institute website provides thorough information explaining the detection and diagnosis processes, as well as treatment options.

When tissues in the pancreas are malignant, pancreatic cancer is diagnosed. The primary functions of the pancreas are to create juices that helps the body break down consumed foods and to make necessary hormones that control blood sugar levels and store energy, as explained by Cancer.gov.

The American Cancer Society presents statistics for pancreatic cancer and breaks down the survival rates by each stage of the disease. The risk factors for pancreatic cancer are found on both websites, in great detail. For those wishing to find online or in-person support groups, nutritional information and ways to cope with cancer, the American Cancer Society lists various options for sufferers, close friends and family members. People also have access to several inspirational stories of hope and pancreatic cancer research developments that have made the news by visiting Cancer.org.

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