Where Can You Learn How to Get Out of Depression?


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According to WebMD, one can learn how to get out of depression by working with a therapist who specializes in one of three types of psychotherapy: psychodynamic, cognitive behavior and interpersonal. All three help reduce stress and make it easier to stick with treatment for depression, states WebMD.

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During psychodynamic therapy, a client learns what parts of his unconscious feelings, past experiences and unresolved issues may be contributing to present emotions, behaviors and moods, including depression. There is no formal structure to psychodynamic therapy, as sessions are open-ended and based on free-association. Psychodynamic therapy can last an undetermined length of time.

Cognitive behavior therapy teaches clients how to get out of depression by learning how negative, dysfunctional thinking directly contributes to moods, feelings, one's sense of self and patterns of behavior, and by teaching clients to change negative thoughts and behaviors that lead to depression rather than understanding why they engage in them. It also creates challenges and exercises for clients to learn how to participate in enjoyable behaviors. Cognitive behavior therapy is goal-oriented and ends after a specified length of time.

Interpersonal therapy teaches a client which elements of present relationships, life events, social functioning and personality issues are connected to depression and how symptoms of depression compromise interpersonal relationships, according to the journal World Psychiatry.

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