Where Can You Learn About Female Urinary Problems Online?


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It is possible to learn about female urinary problems at the websites for HealthyWomen or WebMD. Both sites contain a list of urinary problems and the common symptoms that women experience. However, WebMD is for both males and females, while Healthy Women is exclusive for females.

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HealthyWomen contains a list of many urinary problems, ranging from the common urinary tract infection to the end-stage renal disease that changes urination patterns. Urinary disorders can occur because of kidney conditions such as analgesic nephropathy and hematuria, or blood in the urine. Hematuria is a sign of a possible kidney disease or kidney cancer. Analgesic nephropathy is kidney failure due to an excess of painkillers, resulting in bladder problems. Sometimes kidney stones move to the urinary system, causing pain.

Cystocele, interstitial cystitis and neurogenic bladder are urinary problems that involve only the bladder, states HealthyWomen. Cystocele occurs when the bladder drops, making it difficult to urinate. Interstitial cystitis occurs when the bladder lining becomes inflamed, resulting in a smaller bladder. When the nerves connecting the brain to the bladder malfunction, it either causes urine to leak from the bladder or it makes the bladder retain the urine and be unable to void. A urinary tract infection, one of the most common urinary problems among women, is when bacteria from the bowel enter the urinary tract and inflame it, causing burning during urination and a frequent need to urinate.

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