Can You Learn How to Not Eat so Much?

Can You Learn How to Not Eat so Much?

Learning portion control is the best way to learn how to eat less. Accurately measuring food, using portion control plates, halving your meal and learning to estimate portion sizes using common objects are effective ways to learn portions.

Measuring cups and scales are essential to accurately track how much food a person eats. Measuring and weighing food for a few days or weeks makes it easier to estimate portion sizes when there is no access to these items, such as at a restaurant.

Portion control plates feature different sized sections that help the user portion out the different parts of the meal. The plates can be divided into multiple configurations, but vegetable, starch and protein are the most common options. Using smaller plates also helps the user eat less and feel full on less food.

The habit of halving a meal before eating also helps a person get used to eating smaller portion sizes. Many restaurants are willing to halve meals before serving them. This also helps stretch each meal out over multiple sittings.

Many common foods can be portioned by comparing them to other items. For example, a serving of peanut butter is about the size of a ping-pong ball, while a serving of meat is roughly equal to the palm of a human hand. These tricks are easy to use in or out of the home.