How Can I Get Lean Arms?


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Lifting weights is one way to attain lean arms, according to Fitness Health Zone. Exercising the arms at least three times a week is an effective plan to follow.

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Fitness Health Zone notes that beginning with low weights and gradually using heavier ones further conditions the arms. For beginners, purchasing a basic hand set of 3- to 10-pound weights is a positive starting point. Doing three sets of 20 bicep curls is another method of strength training.

Fitness Health Zone notes another bicep exercise called the plank pose. This exercise requires lying face down with both hands at shoulder height. Take a deep breath, and use the muscle groups, arms and legs to push the body from the floor until the back is straight and the arms and feet are properly balanced. Maintain this position, and count for 20 seconds. Lower the body and rest. This is an exercise derived from hatha yoga, and it works the biceps and core muscles.

Lean Curves notes that high-intensity training leads to lean arms, but shifting focus from the arms to the rest of the body is another option to follow. A slimmer body means fat loss in all areas of the body, including the arms. Dieting and cardio exercises are other alternatives to consider. Boxing is another form of cardio and promotes muscle definition in the arms.

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