How Can Laser Surgery Help Heel Spurs?


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A laser helps heel spurs by making a small cut in the skin of the heel and resectioning or removing the bone spur from the calcaneus or heel bone, states PubMed. During the surgery, the laser then coagulates or hardens the surrounding tissues.

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A heel spur is a calcium deposit that develops on the heel bone at the point where the plantar fascia tendon connects with the calcaneus, explains WebMD. Often heel spur pain is associated with an inflamed plantar fascia because as the tendon repeatedly strains, tears and heals over a period of months due to activity and injury, calcium forms at the site of the continued trauma. While most bone spurs go unnoticed, a few cause pain. Runners, those who are overweight or obese and people who wear poorly fitted shoes are more prone to developing bone spurs.

Other types of surgical and nonsurgical treatments can help heel bone spurs, according to WebMD. The majority of people get pain relief by doing regular stretching exercises, resting the foot's muscles and tendons or participating in physical therapy. Specialized orthotics or shoe inserts can also relieve pain. If a person undergoes surgery to remove the spur, the foot needs to be rested, iced and elevated afterwards.

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