How Can Kids Stay Fit If They Don't Like Sports?


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Parents and guardians of kids who are not interested in team sports can encourage their children to get involved with a variety of other physical activities. These could include group classes for sports like dance and martial arts, or more solitary pursuits such as hiking, skateboarding, bicycling, running or golf. Parents should be mindful of the fact that it may take a few rounds of trial and error to find a physical activity that will engage the child.

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How Can Kids Stay Fit If They Don't Like Sports?
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A child who has expressed a desire to quit playing a team sport may be feeling this way for a variety of reasons, from a bad personality fit with the activity to a coach that applies more pressure than the child can handle. Parents with the resources to do so may want to try and find a better fit for their kids before giving up on team sports entirely. Those who are willing to accept their child's reticence can turn to activities like swimming, fencing, horseback riding, tennis and gymnastics as alternatives that will still keep the child physically active. Children who have expressed a lack of interest or dislike of team sports may need a bit of encouragement to first try a team sport, but those who are truly resistant should be presented with alternative options.

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