How Can Kids Be Persuaded to Be More Healthy?

How Can Kids Be Persuaded to Be More Healthy?

Parents can persuade children to eat healthy by preparing healthy, balanced meals and creatively introducing healthy foods. They can persuade their children to be physically active by finding an activity their children enjoy.

A balanced meal includes healthy sources of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Parents should eat with their children to bond and control the portion size, but they shouldn't be overly zealous when encouraging children to eat certain foods, as children often resist when told to do something. Instead, let the children eat what they want from the meal. Repeated exposure to foods makes children more likely to try them.

If a child doesn't like certain healthy foods, parents should find a new way to introduce them. Add a dip, such as ranch or hummus, to add flavor. They can also encourage children by saying their favorite stars eat vegetables or fruit.

Children that aren't physically active may not find any physical activities they enjoy. Parents should try out different activities with their child. Once children find one they enjoy, the parent should encourage them.

Parents are role models, as their children typically emulate them. Parents can set a good example by demonstrating healthy eating habits and leading active lifestyles.