How Can Kids Lose 20 Pounds?


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Weight loss for children is different than it is for adults. Children should focus on healthy eating and maintaining their weight or reducing the rate of weight gain while growing rather than dieting and losing weight, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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Balancing calories a child eats and drinks with the calories he burns is the key to maintaining weight while he grows and develops normally, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Overweight children should be offered healthy options to eat and drink, notes the CDC. Fresh fruit for dessert and snacks like hummus and carrots rather than chips are healthy choices. Children should be given lean meats and plenty of vegetables, with an emphasis on smaller portions. Sugar in drinks can add up too, so children attempting to slim down should drink plenty of water rather than juice or soda.

Children who need to slim down should spend less time in sedentary activities like watching TV and playing computer games. According to the CDC, all children should engage in 60 minutes of exercise on most days; this could include biking, swimming at the pool, playing sports and games with other children like soccer and tag or simply going for a brisk walk.

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