Can Kidney Nodules Be Removed Medically?


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Kidney nodules or cysts can be removed surgically or drained if they cause symptoms that affect kidney function, reports the Mayo Clinic. However, when a nodule does not cause symptoms, treatment may not be necessary. Kidney cysts are circular sac-like growths with fluid that can develop in the kidneys.

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Can Kidney Nodules Be Removed Medically?
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Most of these nodules do not interfere with kidney function, and they are called simple kidney cysts. The cause of these cysts is not entirely known, according to WebMD. However, age seems to be a risk factor. Simple kidney cysts may not present symptoms in most people, but in other people can experience symptoms like pain and bleeding.

Most simple cysts are found during a CT scan or an ultrasound tests. When a person experiences symptoms, the two options are aspiration or removing it through surgery. Aspiration involves using a long needle to drain and then fill the sac with an alcohol solution. At times, the cyst can refill with fluid after this procedure, explains WebMD.

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