How Can a Kid Get a Six-Pack?


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A child or anyone of any age can attain a six pack by eliminating the layer of fat above the abdominal muscles. In order to eliminate fat in the abdominal area, a person's total body-fat percentage must be reduced.

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Doing various abdominal exercises does strengthen the abdominal muscles, but six-pack abs will not be visible unless a person's body-fat percentage is low enough to keep fat from concealing the abdominal muscles.

Intense cardiovascular exercises can reduce body fat. Cardiovascular training takes a great deal of energy, which the body produces from caloric intake. Activities such as walking, swimming and running can produce high calorie-expending results.

Incorporating a weight training program to build muscle throughout the body can also aid the process of attaining a six pack. Maintaining muscle mass requires a great deal of energy from calories found in the food people eat. While the calories taken in are being used to maintain muscles mass, they are also assisting in the repair and recovery of muscle tissue broken down during training. This process keeps the body from storing fat, which, over time, aids in producing six-pack abs.

Any type of exercise regimen should be discussed with a physician, especially when the individual is a child. A meeting with a therapist may also be indicated if a child seems overly obsessed with his outward appearance.

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