How Can Jiggers Be Treated?

A jigger is a type of flea that cause tungiasis, which can be treated by removing the flea from the host. Antibiotics can be used to treat subsequent infections caused by the flea.

Jiggers are also known as the chloe flea, nigua, pique, suthi and chica. The female flea uses its mouth to burrow into the skin of the host and lays its eggs. The eggs hatch, and the female dies. According to the Centers for Disease control, the female jigger can lay 100 eggs at a time.

The initial presence of this flea is not always noticeable. People begin to experience symptoms, such as irritation and inflammation, as the female prepares to lay her eggs. Complications include bacterial infections and tetanus. People who have not had their tetanus shots are inoculated after being treated for jiggers.