How Can Itchy, Red Spots on the Chin Be Prevented?

Preventing itchy, red spots on the chin depends on the cause of the symptoms. Eczema is a possible cause of itchy, red patches on the face or elsewhere, and it is preventable by minimizing stress to reduce the risk of a breakout, states WebMD.

It is important to make regular time for relaxation and exercise to minimize eczema flare-ups, states WebMD. Once eczema manifests, it is not curable, although the skin may heal and appear normal between outbreaks. If there is a family history of eczema, parents should breastfeed infants for at least three months, with six months being preferable, to minimize the risk of passing along the disease. Doctors recommend avoiding known or potential allergens, which often serve as an eczema trigger.

While eczema is a common cause of itchy, red spots on the chin, face or elsewhere on the body, there are other potential causes, according to WebMD. Other common causes of itchy, red spots or rashes include lichen planus, pityriasus rosea and granuloma annulare. Patients should see a medical professional for an itchy rash with a family history of skin disorders, for a rash that lasts over a week with over-the-counter hydrocortisone treatment, or for crusting or blistering during a rash or an outbreak.