Where Can You Find Intestinal Hernia Pictures?


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Diagrams of intestinal hernias are available on the California Hernia Specialists website, as of 2015. Images of what different types of intestinal hernias may look like from the outside of the body are also available on the Hernia Center of Southern California website.

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Intestinal hernias develop as a result of fat or internal organs pushing through a hole in the muscle tissue, explains California Hernia Specialists. Commonly, the skin on top of the hernia protrudes outward, creating a noticeable bulge. The bulge may disappear and reappear, indicating that the fat or internal organs are able to move in and out of the hole in the muscle. Alternatively, the bulge may remain consistently visible if the hernia has become incarcerated, meaning it is no longer possible to push the fat or organs back to their original positions in the body.

One type of intestinal hernia is an umbilical hernia, also called a belly button hernia, notes Hernia Center of Southern California. A bulge near the naval may indicate this type of hernia, which can be congenital or result from injury, strain or pressure in the area. An incisional hernia is another type of hernia that appears in the abdominal region. Incisional hernias appear in areas where there have previously been incisions, most often because the muscle tissue breaks down.

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