Where Can You Find Information on Vascular Imaging?


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Information on vascular imaging is available at RadiologyInfo.org, Rad.Washington.edu, Radiology.UCSF.edu, GEHealthcare.com and USA.Healthcare.Siemens.com. Vascular imaging involves using radiation or soundwaves to obtain images of blood vessels, states the University of California, San Francisco.

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A vascular ultrasound helps doctors detect blood clots, determine a patient's ability to withstand an angioplasty, locate blocked blood vessels, and view blood flow into organs and tissues, notes RadiologyInfo.org. The practitioner may perform an ultrasound from outside the body using a sonogram or from within the body using a thin transducer. Ultrasounds detect various body parts by sensing the reflections of soundwaves off of biological tissues without using radiation.

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