Where Can You Find Information About Treating Pain on the Side of the Foot?


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Information about treatment for pain on the side of the foot is available from WebMD, MedicineNet and Healthline. Pain on the edge or side of the foot is often caused by a fracture, explains WebMD.

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A fractured fifth metatarsal bone, located on the outer edge of the foot, is the most common cause of pain in that area, according to WebMD. Other symptoms of a fracture include bruising and swelling. Someone showing these symptoms needs to see a medical professional and undergo tests and an X-ray to confirm the problem. Rest, ice and elevation are the basics of treatment, and surgery followed by immobilization with a cast is necessary for severe fractures.

Pain that occurs on the inner edges or arches of the feet can be caused by fallen arches or plantar fasciitis, states WebMD. Treatments for both problems include resting and icing the area. Orthotics or shoe inserts are available as well. Plantar fasciitis occurs when the ligament running along the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed. When the arch of the foot flattens or falls, it is often painful and may require physical therapy or surgery to treat.

WebMD further states that nerve damage and tendon inflammation can cause pain anywhere on the foot, including the side.

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