Where Can You Find Information on Symptoms of MS and Lesions?


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Good sources of information on symptoms of multiple sclerosis and lesions include websites such as Nationalmssociety.org, Healthline.com and WebMD.com. Multiple sclerosis causes lesions when the immune system erroneously attacks myelin, leading to damage and inflammation, explains Healthline.

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Some lesions tend to be passive and fail to show any symptoms, says Healthline. Active lesions lead to different symptoms, depending on where they develop. Some patient with clinically definite multiple sclerosis do not show the lesions during the early diagnosis, states the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. If the doctor fails to detect the lesions after several MRIs, it is necessary to dispute the diagnosis of MS. However, if the physician establishes the lesions, there is no need for further scanning, but the patient requires regular care to observe the progression of MS.

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