Where Can You Find Information on How to Support a Family Member With Stage 4 Cancer?


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As of 2015, the American Cancer Society provides information about supporting a family member with cancer under the Find Support and Treatment tab on its official website. This section also provides links to local support groups and other quality-of-life services for cancer patients and families.

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This section covers topics ranging from how to care for someone with cancer and how to show support, to coping with a child with cancer and becoming a caregiver. Each of these topics has a list of subtopics that provide greater details.

For example, the heading titled "How to be Supportive to Someone with Cancer" has a link that reads "When someone you know has cancer." This subtopic provides a greater list details, including ways to respond when someone close has cancer, what to expect over the course of the illness and a list of suggestions for behaviors around the person with cancer.

At the bottom of the Caregivers and Family page is a link to cancer-support services offered by the ACS, including online community groups. One support service for cancer patients and their families includes online cancer-education classes. These classes cover topics such as understanding cancer treatments, communicating concerns and feelings, and relieving cancer pain.

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