Where Can You Find Information About Senior Dental Plans?

Where Can You Find Information About Senior Dental Plans?

ToothWisdom.org provides a wealth of information about dental care and resources for senior citizens, including insurance and discount plans. The website also helps seniors find local resources, including low-cost and donated dental care.

Dental insurance premiums can be relatively expensive, and they typically come with waiting periods before care can be rendered. Often times the amount paid in premiums is more than the one for dental care. Since dentists must sign a contract with an insurance company, many dentists do not accept all forms of insurance or discount plans. Before selecting a dental plan, it is important to speak with the preferred dental provider to find out if the plan is accepted.

As of 2015, AARP offers dental insurance plans through Delta Dental, for which there are no waiting periods. Plans include preventative care with three exams and cleanings per year. Major dental procedures, such as implants, are available after one year of coverage.

Medicare does not include dental insurance, but seniors may be able to add a Medicare Dental Advantage plan which provides discounts on dental care for seniors.

A small number of states offer dental care on the health care exchange, which can be purchased separately. A majority of states, which are administered by the federal government, do not offer separate dental care plans on the exchange.