Where Can You Find Information on How to Self Treat Sebaceous Cysts?


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WebMD and the University of Maryland Medical Center offer home treatment options for sebaceous cysts on their websites. They both recommend using a warm compress to soothe the area and help the cyst drain. WebMD suggests applying a bandage over the sebaceous cyst if the site of the cyst begins to ooze.

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When treating a sebaceous cyst at home, sufferers should never attempt to pop, lance or otherwise forcibly drain the cyst, notes WebMD. These actions increase risk of infection and may drive an infection further into the skin. Instead, people with these cysts should clean the area thoroughly with antibacterial soap. They should also apply warm, wet compresses for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, three to four times a day.

To reduce swelling, a doctor can inject a sebaceous cyst with steroids, states the University of Maryland Medical Center. A doctor may also choose to drain an especially large or tender cyst, or recommend surgery to remove it.

Sebaceous cysts commonly develop on the scalp, ears, back, scrotum and face, according to WebMD. They develop around a hair follicle when the ducts around the hair become inflamed. The cyst fills with sebum, which is greasy and resembles cheese.

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