Can You Find Information Online About Castration?


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Information on castration is available online at locations such as the Encyclopedia of Surgery website, the Endocrine Society website, the National Institutes of Health website, and Dr. Marci L. Bowers' website. Castration, as of 2016, occurs most commonly as a treatment for cancer, notes the Encyclopedia of Surgery.

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The Encyclopedia of Surgery includes pages on orchiectomy and oophorectomy. These are castration procedures involving the removal of the testes and ovaries. The removal of these organs generally occurs to treat cancer or to lower levels of sex hormones. Ovary removal may also occur to treat endometriosis. Testes removal can be part of medical transition for transgender women.

Descriptions of historical castration procedures are available from the Endocrine Society. In the past, some cultures incorporated a separate class of castrated males into specialized roles such as court functionaries. The site describes Chinese, Ottoman and Russian eunuchs.

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