How can you get information about lymphoma?


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Several websites offer information about lymphoma, including Cancer.org, Lymphoma.org and WebMD.com. Other websites that contain information about lymphoma are eMedicineHealth.com and Everydayhealth.com. Cancer.org, a website from the American Cancer Society, offers links to information about lymphoma, ways to stay healthy, and places to find support and treatment. This website also provides information about exploring research, getting involved and finding a local chapter of the American Cancer Society.

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The Lymphoma Research Foundation offers many programs for people to find information and support for the disease, including the Lymphoma Helpline and the Clinical Trials Information Service. Other services they offer include the Lymphoma Support Network, their financial assistance programs and Stories of Hope, according to the Lymphoma Research Foundation. The organization also offers various educational options for those that lymphoma affects, including webcasts, teleconferences and in-person conferences, both locally and nationally. Fact sheets, research information and various guides are also available on the website, as well as the ability to donate to the Lymphoma Research Foundation's mission.

Lymphoma is a form of cancer that begins in the lymphocytes of the immune system. The two main types are non-Hodgkin, which is the most common, and Hodgkin, according to WebMD. Each of these types affect a different lymphocyte and grow differently. It is a very treatable cancer.

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