Where Can You Find Information on Low-Cholesterol Foods?

Eating Well Magazine's website, WebMD and GICare.com all offer information on low-cholesterol foods. Eating Well provides diet guidelines for people with high cholesterol, WebMD calls out some specific food alternatives that are low in cholesterol and analyzes their health benefits, and GICare.com offers a diet plan to lower cholesterol.

Eating Well discusses specific changes to make to eating habits, including cutting back on saturated fat and avoiding foods with trans fat, keeping cholesterol itself low and adding fiber and plant sterols to lower cholesterol. It lists examples of foods in each of these categories.

WebMD offers a list of 10 uncommon low-cholesterol foods that offer variety to a low-cholesterol diet. The website provides insight as to why these foods are good for a low-cholesterol diet and indicates the other health benefits they provide.

GICare.com's low-cholesterol diet offers readers information about how foods affect them in different ways, along lists of foods, broken out by group, that include what dieters should choose and what they should avoid.