How Can You Find Information About Hospice Care Facilities?


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The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and Hospice Directory provide information about hospice care facilities in North America and U.S. territories. Both sites feature a search tool for hospices and inform interested individuals on how to choose a hospice and pay for the hospice's services.

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The NHPCO uses an interactive map to help users locate a hospice within a city, county, state or province in North America. The map enables users to get directions to the hospice care facility and check other hospices within the selected city or state. Aside from the general information about the hospices, the NHPCO also lists the areas served by the hospice and displays if the facility has a current license and is certified by Medicare. The site also provides the hospice's website, allowing interested individuals to check the programs, services and amenities offered in the facility.

Sponsored by the Hospice Foundation of American, Hospice Directory is a database committed to retrieval of information about hospices across North America. It also presents a list of state hospice organizations in the United Sates that includes the organization's address, contact information and website. Most state hospice organizations also feature search tools to help locate hospices within the state.

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