Where Can You Find Information for High Blood Sugar?


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Information about high blood sugar can be found online at the American Diabetes Association website, the Kid's Health website and the WebMD website. The technical term for high blood sugar is hyperglycemia.

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The American Diabetes Association (ADA) website has information about the causes, symptoms, treatment and complications of hyperglycemia. The ADA also recommends that people who suffer from hyperglycemia or diabetes wear a medical ID in case of a medical emergency. This site also includes links to additional resources about the condition.

The Kid's Health website has kid-friendly information about hyperglycemia and diabetes. The website uses real-life examples to introduce the conditions and their symptoms, treatment and complications. The information is accompanied by images and tables. The site has links to other resources concerning hyperglycemia.

The WebMD site is geared toward diabetics with concerns about hyperglycemia. This site goes into great detail about the treatment of diabetes and hyperglycemia. It includes information about the two types of hyperglycemia, its causes and its symptoms. WebMD also details the health complications caused by the condition when left untreated, as well as self-remedies for the condition. It also includes guidelines for diabetes patients to deal with the condition and links to additional resources about hyperglycemia.

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