Where Can You Find Information About Diabetes Mellitus?

As of 2015, the American Diabetes Association, WebMD and Mayo Clinic provide online information about diabetes mellitus. Each of the websites also offers interactive tools to help patients manage the disease.

Out of the three websites, the ADA has the most in-depth information about diabetes mellitus. In addition to information about the risk factors, symptoms and treatment of the disease, the website also has links to support groups and the latest diabetes research. It also has a special section for those newly diagnosed with the disease. Site visitors can also donate to the ADA or look up ways to volunteer for the organization via the site.

WebMD gives general information about the different types of diabetes, including gestational diabetes. The site does offer information about treatments and complications related to the disease. It also provides a diabetes menu plan.

Like WebMD, Mayo Clinic has general diabetes information on its site. However, it offers patients information about dealing with the disease with lifestyle changes and alternative medicine. Patients can also make an appointment with the Clinic using the site. U.S. News & World Report voted Mayo Clinic in Minnesota as the best diabetes and endocrinology hospital in the United States for 2014-2015, according to the Mayo Clinic's website.