Where Can You Find Information About Dementia?


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Information related to dementia is available on the official websites of the Alzheimer's Association and WebMD. These websites contain information related to signs, symptoms and treatment options.

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Dementia is not a specific disease, but instead refers to a wide range of symptoms, as listed by the Alzheimer's Association. These symptoms are associated with memory loss and an impairment to overall cognition. The onset of dementia brings forth difficulty communicating, a lack of judgement and changes to visual perception. Simple tasks such as keeping track of a wallet, paying bills and preparing meals become increasingly difficult over time. Moreover, these symptoms are progressive, and patients should seek treatment options immediately.

The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer's disease. Memory, thinking and behavior are all negatively impacted by those with Alzheimer's disease, as noted by the National Institute of Aging. Some cases of the disease are considered fatal, and there is no cure, as of 2015. However, treatment options are available to alleviate the symptoms related to memory loss, irregular sleep patterns and behavioral changes, as noted by the Alzheimer's Association.

Vascular dementia is another form of dementia associated with impaired judgement and planning, as noted by WebMD. This type of dementia is tied to a previously traumatic experience, such as a stroke. Mood changes, feelings of confusion, problems walking and difficulty speaking are just a few of the symptoms.

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