Where Can You Find Infomation on Kidney and Liver Disease?


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Mayo Clinic, WebMD and the United States National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus are high-quality sources for a variety of health topics, including kidney and liver disease, notes each organization's website. An educational resource that specializes in offering information about liver disease is the American Liver Foundation.

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Kidney disease is characterized by the inability of the kidneys to effectively filter waste from the blood, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Treatment involves identifying the cause of the kidney disease and using tools to help the kidneys properly filter the blood. A kidney transplant may be required in severe cases of kidney disease.

The liver keeps the body healthy by conquering infections and removing toxins from the body's blood supply. A diseased liver is unable to perform these functions and is unable to heal itself when damaged, as stated by the American Liver Foundation.

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