How Can Individuals Keep Their Respiratory System Healthy?


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To maintain or even improve respiratory system health, increase walking speeds, maintain a healthy weight, stay hydrated, avoid smoking, take supplements, learn yoga breathing techniques and consider chiropractic care, as claimed by Dr. Mike. Each individual takes approximately 20,000 breaths in a single day, and each breath is filtered for toxins before oxygen and other essential components are delivered to vital body parts. The respiratory system includes the nose, throat, voice box, windpipe and even lungs.

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One of the most effective measures of improving respiratory system health is to increase walking speed to approximately 2.25 miles per hour in order to ensure that the respiratory system is doing its job. In addition, most professionals recommend maintaining a healthy weight in order to prevent excess weight from putting additional stresses on the lungs and other respiratory muscles.

Smoking is a surefire method of damaging one's respiratory system. There are more than 7,000 chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Of which, at least 250 chemicals are harmful to the human body, and particularly to the respiratory system. Those people who are currently smokers should consider quitting and those who are constantly around smokers may need to reconsider their choice. In fact, after quitting smoking for 2 weeks, the respiratory system will begin to recover and function at its original state.

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