How Can an Individual Tell If Restaurant Food Is Suitable for a Diabetic?


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Restaurants that provide numerous choices, permit substitutions without a lot of extra charges, allow splitting entrées, provide sauces on the side and can prepare food without extra salt or butter are more likely to have diabetic-friendly choices. The menu there should be easier to navigate, notes American Diabetes Association.

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Diabetics ordering at any restaurant need to give the menu a little more scrutiny. Asking about the serving size and ingredients in a dish can provide needed information. For those who are cutting down on salt, it is important to ask that the cooks do not use salt when preparing the meal. Sticking with foods that are not fried or breaded helps diabetics avoid the added calories and fats in the breading, as stated by American Diabetes Association.

Restaurants often provide portions that are significantly larger than what people eat at home. If this is the case, it is helpful to put the extra food into a take-home container or share the entrée with someone else at the table.

With regard to food preparation, it helps to ask for a baked potato plain with margarine or sour cream on the side. Meat and fish entrées should be broiled without any extra oil or butter. Any gravies, sauces or dressings should come on the side. Adding a teaspoon at a time helps diabetics avoid the extra calories that come with the heavy application of dressing in the kitchen, according to American Diabetes Association.

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