How Can an Individual Stop Being Nervous?


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To stop being nervous, write out all negative thoughts, participate in moderate exercise or relaxation exercises, talk to a friend or a family member or emerge in an activity that is a mental distraction, notes Calm Clinic. Nervousness causes symptoms like rapid heartbeat, weakness, severe muscle tension and a sensation of nausea or a feeling of illness. Nervousness can also escalate into anxiety, which can then escalate into panic attacks.

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Many professionals claim that writing negative thoughts out on paper can help relieve nervousness. The brain is wired to increase the frequency of nervous thoughts in order to prevent forgetting them. Writing thoughts out on paper actually helps the brain to decrease the frequency. In addition, having a talk with a friend or family member can be beneficial, as it can help combat faulty thought processes and can help an individual obtain additional input There are numerous helplines and support groups that are also available if a family member or a friend is not available.

Participating in moderate physical exercise can help relieve physical tension. Physical tension can escalate the feelings of nervousness. Go for a jog or participate in a recreational activity with a friend or family member. Relieving muscle tension can help ease symptoms of nervousness.

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