How Can You Increase Your Stamina?


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According to Men's Fitness, to increase stamina, complete strength-training exercises and cardiovascular activities in the same day as opposed to alternating days. During strength training, reduce the resting period between each set of repetitions.

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Men's Fitness states that lifting weights at a rapid pace can also increase stamina. Rather than isolating one area of the body, do compound exercises. A compound exercise uses more than one joint or muscle during an exercise. Change up your routine. Instead of exercising the same way each day, change activities and muscle groups. For example, use the treadmill and strengthen the back and the arms on one day, and then use the elliptical machine to strengthen the legs and abdominal muscles the next day.

By changing the way in which the muscles move each day, you avoid overuse. Combining explosive movements and adding hybrid exercises to your routine is another way to increase your stamina. Explosive movements raise your heart rate and require you to move at a faster pace. Burpees and jumping knee tucks are examples of explosive movements, notes Men's Fitness. A hybrid exercise is similar to a compound exercise but requires two regular exercises and combines them into a more difficult workout.

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