How Can I Increase My Running Speed?


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According to Ace Fitness, there are several ways to increase running speed, such as interval training, tempo training and hill training. Besides embarking on a running program, in order to increase speed runners also need to eat right, have good running form and relax sufficiently between runs.

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How Can I Increase My Running Speed?
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Ace Fitness explains that there are several running programs to help increase speed. One of these is interval training. Interval training involves running slow and fast at intervals. For instance, runners start out for a jog for a few minutes, then run at a fast pace for a few more minutes followed by a period of slower running. This process is repeated several times. Tempo training is similar to interval running. This process involves running at a tempo pace for several minutes followed by a recovery pace. This process is repeated with the periods of tempo running increasing. Hill training increases speed by improving lower body strength.

Ace Fitness advises runners to streamline their stride, which means working on steps per minutes. Also, runners should dress properly. This means loose clothing needs to be replaced with close-fitting clothing. Runners should not ignore the importance of rest between runs. Proper rest gives the body time to recover and minimizes burnout.

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