How Can I Increase Jumping Ability?

can-increase-jumping-ability Credit: Cavan Images/Taxi/Getty Images

According to Inside Hoops, jumping ability can be improved by performing jumping exercises such as deep knee bends, toe raises, deep knee bend jumps, toe raises with weights, jump rope exercises and abdominal crunches. AZCentral states that lower body weight training can also enhance the jumping ability of a person.

Inside Hoops emphasizes that proper warm up and stretching must be done before jumping exercises are performed. Jogging or running up and down stairs for a few minutes may be enough to condition and prepare muscles for jump training.

According to Inside Hoops, deep knee bends are performed by standing and gradually bending the knees while keeping a straight back. Crouch down as low as possible, then rise; 15 repetitions should be sufficient. Alternatively, deep knee bend jumps involve crouching down fairly quickly and then jumping up as high as possible. After landing, the person must crouch and jump again immediately.

Inside Hoops states that toe raises are performed by standing and slowly rising to the tips of the toes. A modified form of this exercise is the toe raise with weights, which involves holding weights while performing toe raises.

According to, lower body weight training stimulates the Type II muscle fibers that are responsible for power and strength. Performing back squats, deadlifts, lunges and glute-ham raises can dramatically improve jumping ability.