How Can You Increase the Brown Fat in Your Body to Stimulate Weight Loss?

Brown fat encourages weight loss by boosting a person's metabolism. Some ways to increase the body's production of brown fat are to consume more apples, avoid overeating or under-eating, set lower room temperatures, get more melatonin, and exercise.

Brown fat levels are influenced by what and how much a person eats. Brain cells sense and signal that a person has eaten enough food. When a person is full, the cells begin converting white fat to brown fat. However, these cells become inactive when the person eats too much or doesn't eat enough. Individuals can increase brown fat levels by consuming the recommended amount of calories per day.

Lowering the temperature and getting more sleep also boost the body's ability to make brown fat. Individuals who spent two hours in a 63-degree Fahrenheit room burnt an extra 108 calories than individuals in warmer rooms. Additionally, the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin was found to increase the levels of the calorie-burning fat. The body's production of melatonin peaks in the evening and is reduced by exposure to artificial light. Individuals increase their melatonin and brown fat production by spending time in cooler rooms, consuming melatonin-rich foods, and limiting night time exposure to artificial light.