How Can I Increase the Amount That I Am Able to Bench Press?


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The most effective way for a person to increase the amount he is capable of bench pressing is to strengthen the secondary muscles involved in the exercise. According to Men's Fitness, the shoulders, triceps and back muscles are all used in bench pressing.

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How Can I Increase the Amount That I Am Able to Bench Press?
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Men's Fitness reports that a strong back helps to stabilize the entire upper body while a person bench presses. This allows the person performing the bench press to direct more power to the exercise rather than struggling to maintain form. Developing shoulders and triceps supports the pectoral muscles. The magazine notes that the shoulders respond well to overhead presses and suggests reducing chest workout volume while building up shoulders. It recommends adding additional three-to-four shoulder exercise sets to workouts for two-to-three weeks.

To strengthen the triceps, ACTIVE.com advises performing body weight dips and weighted dips. To strengthen the back, it urges rows and pull-ups. ACTIVE.com notes that a person's grip is important when performing bench presses and recommends squeezing the bar as hard as possible while engaged in the exercise to benefit from the strength of more muscles. To increase grip strength, the website suggests performing wrist curls with a traditional bar or heavy farmer's walks with kettlebells or dumbbells.

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