How Can I Improve My Standing Long Jump?


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Those looking to improve a standing long jump should perform single-leg squats, depth jumps to long jumps, and single-leg broad jumps. Lifting weights in the gym or at home isn't necessary.

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Single-leg squats give similar results to using a squat rack in a gym. This exercise is good for improving balance, stability, and strength. Those getting started should stand on one leg with the opposite leg straight forward and be sure to keep their arms straight in front of their chests. Next, they should keep lowering until their thigh is parallel to the ground and keep their knee behind their toes. After that, they should go up to that start position. Three sets of 10 repetitions is recommended.

The depth jump to long jump is a plyometric exercise that will assist in gaining lower body power. The simply way to practice is to stand on a knee-high box and jump off with the knees bent in a quarter-squat position. The next step is rapidly jumping forward and landing gently in a quarter-squat position. Three sets of 10 is ideal.

Those who wish to do the single-leg broad jump should have 10 yards of free space and then leap forward on one leg as far as they can. Upon landing, the knee should be bent slightly, and another leap made immediately. Swinging the arms backward helps.

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