How Can You Improve Reflexes?


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A routine of jumping push-ups, speed skipping, shuffle side reaches, kettlebell swings and dumbbell punches done for one minute each helps improve reflexes. One minute of rest should be allowed before beginning each exercise, and the circuit should be performed three times, once a week.

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Jumping push-ups strengthen the upper body muscles so that it can swing into position more quickly. Jumping push-ups are similar to regular push-ups, but both hands leave the ground in order to clap at the peak height of the lift.

Jumping rope at the fastest pace possible brings agility of the feet by exercising fast twitch fibres, which are important in sports and everyday maneuvers. Shuffle side reaches are performed by sidestepping to one side six times and reaching down to touch the same side’s foot on the seventh step; this exercise increases lateral movement.

Keeping the arms tense and in rapid motion by swinging a heavy weight between the legs and then up strengthens posterior chain muscles, which allows movements with more force behind them. Throwing jabs while holding 2kg dumbbells in each hand improves stability and balance by throwing the body off balance. The body is forced to quickly regroup to maintain balance, and keeping the elbows down towards the hips ensures best results.

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