How Can You Improve Circulation to Your Feet?


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To improve circulation in your feet, exercise regularly, stop smoking, eat healthy foods, and avoid some types of cold medications, explains Mayo Clinic. In addition, wash your feet frequently, and wear shoes that fit.

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Peripheral artery disease is one example of a circulatory problem that affects the limbs, according to Mayo Clinic. People who have this condition do not receive enough blood to their extremities, which causes leg pain.

Smoking damages arteries, which negatively affects circulation, Mayo Clinic adds. Exercise is an effective treatment for poor circulation because it conditions your muscles to use oxygen, which improves circulation. Eat a diet low in saturated fat to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These factors contribute to poor circulation. Cold medications that contain pseudoephedrine cause your blood vessels to constrict, which worsens circulation. Avoid these medications to improve limb circulation.

Cold temperatures, shoe pressure and sitting for long periods of time also cause poor circulation in the feet, WebMD explains. Other factors that affect the feet include crossing your legs when you sit or wearing tight clothing around the feet. To prevent poor circulation, stretch, walk, or receive foot massages. Taking foot baths also prevents poor circulation. Wear comfortable shoes with plenty of space in them to prevent foot circulation problems. People who apply an arginine cream also experience increased blood flow to the feet, reports WebMD.

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