Where Can You Find Images of Mouth Cancer?


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As of 2015, images of mouth cancer are available on the official website of The Oral Cancer Foundation. Images and descriptions of what mouth cancer looks like are also available on general health websites such as WebMD and Healthline.

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Where Can You Find Images of Mouth Cancer?
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A white or red patch on the gums, tonsils, tongue or lining of the mouth is a potential indicator of mouth cancer, notes Healthline. A white patch is called a leukoplakia and is more common than a red patch. A leukoplakia can develop as a result of tissue damage from smoking, chewing on the inside of the cheeks or other sources of irritation. In most cases, a leukoplakia is harmless, but there is the potential of it turning into cancer. A combination of both white and red patches is more likely to be a sign of cancer than a patch that is only one color or the other.

Mouth cancer exists in several different forms, such as squamous cell carcinoma, verrucous carcinoma and malignant melanoma of the mouth tissues, explains The Oral Cancer Foundation. There are many other mouth abnormalities, such as amalgam tattoos, fungal infections and irrational fibromas, that mimic the appearance of oral cancers, and only a qualified health care professional can make a definitive diagnosis.

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