Where Can You Find Images of Eye Injuries?

Where Can You Find Images of Eye Injuries?

Online images of eye injuries are available at Healthline and eMedicineHealth. Some common injuries to the eyes include trauma from foreign objects, black eyes, corneal abrasions, hyphema, orbital blowout and retinal detachment, states Cleveland Clinic.

People generally suffer from eye injuries due to sports engagements, foreign particles, chemicals or a jabbed finger in the eye. These injuries cause impaired vision, which can result in total loss of sight in severe cases.

When a black eye occurs due to a forceful blow to the area, the tiny blood vessels underneath the injured skin rupture, which leads to discoloration and bruising in the surrounding tissue, explains Healthline. An image of an eye with an inward fold of the eyelid is also displayed on Healthline's website. This condition, medically referred to as entropion, is associated with chemical burns.

Foreign bodies, such as dust, dirt or pieces of broken glass, can also harm the eyes. These objects, including contact lenses, can cause corneal abrasions. Injuries from external agents may progress into more serious eye conditions. Hyphema, which is characterized by pooled blood in the injured eye, is caused by blunt trauma.

Retinal detachment occurs when the retina is dislodged from the back of the eye due to a forceful impact to the eye region. The images exhibited at eMedicineHealth include corneal abrasion, corneal malignancy, corneal burn and sub-conjunctival bleeding.