Where Can You Find Illustrations of Proper Lifting Techniques?


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For proper weightlifting techniques, reference sites such as Bodybuilding.com for images and videos showing correct form; for information on performing daily tasks that involve lifting heavy objects, look to WebMD for the right lifting technique. Mayo Clinic provides a slideshow of general proper lifting technique as well.

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Bodybuilding.com has explanations, videos and images that show the right form for different weightlifting exercises. Especially with heavier weights, doing any of these exercises with poor or incorrect form can easily end in permanent injury. To get tips on a specific exercise on Bodybuilding.com, click on the muscle group targeted by the desired exercise, or click "See all exercises," and find it alphabetically.

WebMD's Back Pain Health Center has both images and a step-by-step guide on proper lifting techniques for general lifting tasks. Squatting to lift and set down the load and maintaining proper posture are key. Poor form when lifting can compress spinal discs and strain lower back muscles, leading to back pain and injury.

Mayo Clinic has a similar resource in slideshow format. The slideshow illustrates different ways to lift a box off the ground while minimizing risk of back injury. The captions explain the provided images and give tips on how to execute the actions the model portrays in the pictures.

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