How Can You Identify a Ringworm Rash?


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Depending on the location of the infection, a ringworm rash may manifest as a red patch, bump or ring that is scaly or flaky, according to TeensHealth. The rash is normally itchy and irritating.

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How Can You Identify a Ringworm Rash?
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When ringworm affects the skin, it may produce a bump that eventually develops into a ring-shaped rash with a clear center and raised borders that are bumpy and scaly, describes TeensHealth. There may be more than one ring on the skin, and not every infected individual develops a ring-shaped rash. When ringworm infects the scalp, it often causes a pimple-like sore that may develop flaking or scaling and may be red, swollen or tender to the touch. The individual may also experience hair breakage or hair loss.

Ringworm of the feet, also known as athlete's foot, normally produces a patchy rash between the toes that may be red or scaly, according to TeensHealth. The fungus can also affect the nails, causing them to become thick, brittle and yellow. Ringworm can be transmitted between humans and pets, and it is common in warm climates with ample moisture, states MedicineNet.com. Treatment includes topical or oral antifungal medications. Individuals who experience a ringworm rash should make an appointment with a health care professional for diagnosis and treatment.

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