How Can You Identify an Itching Rash on Your Arms?


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Visiting a health professional is the most definitive way to identify a rash, although Mayo Clinic offers descriptions and images. Atopic dermatitis, pityriasis rosea, drug rashes, miliaria, intertrigo, lichen planus and psoriasis are all itchy skin rashes.

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Atopic dermatitis, commonly referred to as eczema, is a chronic condition that brings itchy, inflamed skin, notes Mayo Clinic. It frequently flares up on the arms, limbs, trunk and face, appearing and disappearing intermittently. Pityriasis rosea, occasionally patterned as a Christmas tree, is a fine, itchy and scaly rash. It generally begins on the abdomen, chest or back and spreads to the limbs from there.

A drug rash can result from an allergic reaction to medication or a side effect of a drug, claims Mayo Clinic. It often starts as small red spots that spread throughout the body within one week of taking a medication. Miliaria, also known as heat rash, is characterized by clusters of small, red bumps that produce a prickling or stinging sensation and can be itchy. Overdressing, hot or humid weather, and wearing tight-fitting clothing can lead to heat rash.

Intertrigo is the result of skin-to-skin friction, causing the skin to be painful and sometimes itchy, according to Mayo Clinic. Severe cases can involve bleeding, cracked skin and oozing sores.

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