Can You Identify an Ear Rash Using Only Pictures?


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It may be possible to identify an ear rash by comparing it to photos of rashes such as those available on Healthline or SkinSight, as of 2015. A person experiencing a persistent or painful rash should seek medical attention, advises Healthline.

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A rash on the ear may be caused by a variety of underlying conditions. Allergic eczema or contact dermatitis is a relatively minor condition that often manifests as a patch of scaly, itchy skin accompanied by small red bumps, claims Healthline. This rash may be caused by contact with irritants such as cosmetics, hair products, detergents or nickel jewelry.

Cellulitis is a more serious rash that may affect the face and ears. This rash is caused by an infection of staphylococcus bacteria under the skin. It appears as a red, swollen and painful patch of skin, notes SkinSight.

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