Where Can You Find an Ideal Weight Chart?


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An ideal weight chart can be found on the Rush University Medical Center website, as of February 2015. An ideal weight calculator is available on Calculator.net.

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From the Rush University Medical Center home page, a user can move his cursor over the Health and Wellness tab, then click on the Quick Guides link on the menu that appears. He can then click on What is a Healthy Weight? The ideal weight chart lists heights ranging from 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 4 inches and classifies weights into three ranges: normal, overweight and obese. The chart is based on the body mass index measurement system.

From the Calculator.net home page, a user can click on Weight Loss Calculators, then click on Ideal Weight Calculator. He can then input his age and height into the calculator, and it lists his ideal weight or weight range based on several different calculation methods. The methods listed are the J.D. Robinson formula, D.R. Miller formula, G.J. Hamwi formula, B.J. Levine formula and the body mass index recommendation.

Although ideal weight charts can be useful for a general health assessment, they lack accuracy because body composition is not taken into account. A person with a large amount of muscle mass may be in good physical condition but classified as overweight by a chart.

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